Material Requirements (ISPM15)

Many countries in the world have ratified the packaging material standard ISPM15 (International Standard for Wood Packaging Material).

ISPM 15Based on the ISPM15 standard, the entire packaging material must be made of a material that prevents woodblockers from spreading. A marking of the material handling method must be on every wooden package. The conformity marking proves that the wood has undergone a heat treatment and heated to 56 ° C for 30 minutes. Packages can be marked by companies that have the corresponding license.

Wooden packaging materials include, for example, boxes, trays, pallets, pillars, floorboards, etc. And must be marked with the appropriate mark.
A wooden sticker indicates that it has been adequately heated and meets the ISPM15 standard.
The mark of conformity is shown:
Internationally recognized symbol: Fruithead with IPPC mark
EE – national symbol (ISO code)
000 – the number of the plant plant registry of the company
HT 56 ° C / 30 min – indication of the treatment method
ISPM15 standard packaging is compulsory for shipments arriving from outside the EU and shipped from outside the EU to third countries.

Possible measures and sanctions for non-compliance: goods are shipped back from the border, the goods must be repackaged and destroyed, etc., according to the orders of the Plant Protection Agency or other authorities of the importing country. The accompanying financial costs must be covered by the sender and / or the owner of the goods, etc.

Recommendations for the importer: Inform your partners in third countries about the need for heat treatment of the packaging material and the presence of appropriate markings.

Recommendations for the exporter: examine the relevant legislation of the importing country and use the relevant packaging materials.