Sea transport is suitable for transporting large volumes of goods, especially outside Europe, and the importance of low unit costs. offers both partial and full container transport services with specific departure and arrival times around the world.

Delivery time outside Europe is ~ 30 days, within Europe for up to 14 days. When shipping to distant continents, the goods first move to some of the larger transit ports where it is transported to an ocean-going vessel. Such ports are, for example, Antwerp and Rotterdam.

For shipping, there are two ways to ship goods: Full Container Load (FCL) and LC Container (LCL). Full containers are shipped with single customer shipments, unit containers with multiple customer shipments.

Customs documents for maritime transport:

  • An invoice and / or package leaflet issued by the consignor;
  • Export documents of the country of departure;
  • Bill of lading / bill of lading