Southern europe SCHEDULE

DirectionOrder *LoadingUnloadingTransit time**
Estonia - BosniaThu 12:00Wed-FriFri7-8 working days
Estonia - SpainThu 12:00Wed-FriFri4-6 working days
Estonia - CroatiaThu 12:00Wed-FriFri3-4 working days
Estonia - ItalyThu 12:00Wed-FriFri2-5 working days
Estonia - GreeceThu 12:00Wed-FriFri6-9 working days
Estonia - MacedoniaThu 12:00Wed-FriFri7-8 working days
Estonia - PortugalThu 12:00Wed-FriFri6-7 working days
Estonia - SloveniaThu 12:00Wed-FriFri3-5 working days
Estonia - TurkeyWed 12:00Wed-FriFri8-10 working days
Bosnia - EstoniaTue 12:00WedWed4-5 working days
Spain - EstoniaWed 12:00Thu-FriFri5 working days
Croatia - EstoniaTue 12:00Wed-ThuThu3-4 working days
Italy - EstoniaWed 12:00Thu-FriFri2-4 working days
Greece - EstoniaWed 12:00Wed-FriFri5-6 working days
Macedonia - EstoniaTue 12:00WedWed5-6 working days
Portugal - EstoniaWed 12:00Thu-friFri6-7 working days
Slovenia - EstoniaTue 12:00Wed-ThuN3-4 working days
Turkey-EstoniaK 12:00N-RFri7-8 working days

* – If the order is submitted later than in the delivery schedule, proceeds from the “best possible solution” principle.
** – Depending on the quantity of goods and the place of unloading in the country of destination.

The given graph is not considered to be a provisional law.