West-Europe SCHEDULE

DirectionOrder *LoadingUnloadingTransit time**
Estonia - AustriaThu 12:00Wed-FriFri1-4 working days
Estonia - BelgiumThu 12:00Wed-FriFri1-4 working days
Estonia - The NetherlandsThu 12:00Wed-FriFri1-2 working days
Estonia - IrelandThu 12:00Wed-FriFri3-4 working days
Estonia - LuxembourgThu 12:00Wed-FriFri2-3 working days
Estonia - MonacoThu 12:00Wed-FriFri4-5 working days
Estonia - FranceThu 12:00Wed-FriFri4-6 working days
Estonia - GermanyThu 12:00Wed-FriFri1-4 working days
Estonia - Great BritainThu 12:00Wed-FriFri2-4 working days
Estonia - SwitzerlandThu 12:00Wed-FriFri2-4 working days
Austria - EstoniaWed 12:00Wed-FriFri1-2 working days
Belgium - EstoniaWed 15:00 / Fri 12:00Wed-Fri/MonFri/Mon4-5 working days
Netherlands - EstoniaWed 15:00 / Fri 12:00Wed-fri/Mon-TueFri/Tue3-4 working days
Ireland - EstoniaWed 12:00Thu-FriFri2-3 working days
Luxembourg - EstoniaWed 12:00 / Thu 12:00Wed-Thu/FriFri5-6 working days
Monaco - EstoniaTue 12:00Tue-ThuThu3-4 working days
France - EstoniaWed 12:00Thu-FriFri2-3 working days
Germany - EstoniaWed 12:00Thu-FriFri1-2 working days
Germany - Estonia(DE postikood 0-9,20,40-79,90-99)Fri 12:00 / Wed 12:00E-T / N-RTue/Fri1-2 working days
United Kingdom - EstoniaWed 12:00N-RFri1-2 working days
Switzerland - EstoniaWed 12:00N-RFri2-3 working days

* – If the order is submitted later than in the delivery schedule, Fellinio.com proceeds from the “best possible solution” principle.
** – Depending on the quantity of goods and the place of unloading in the country of destination.

The given graph is not considered to be a provisional law.